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Your First Massage Treatment

When you first come in, I will ask you to fill out a health history form, in addition to helping me form a treatment plan.  We will than talk briefly about your personal massage goals and I will suggest a tratment plan for the session.  I'll describe what clothing to remove and how to get on the table. 

Massage is usually done with all clothing removed, however, if you are more comfortable it is possible with clothing.  When I leave the room you will disrobe and get on the table in between the two sheets and pull the top sheet and blanket over yourself so you are completely covered.  I will knock before returning to the room to start the treatment. 

The areas of your body that are being treated are undraped one at a time.  After the treatment, I will leave the room for you to get dressed and may make some suggestions of home care such as stretching exercises and also make suggestions for frequency of possible future treatments.

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